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    Could we see the final act of mercy from the Judge today?

    Are any of the local media providing updates? HT a bit vague.

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    Yet another adjournment…7 more days of agonising uncertainty. As they say, “you couldn’t make it up”.

    There's a solution to every problem...the problem is in finding the solution.


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    I know it’s not a good comparison, but everyone in Rotherham turned a blind eye to what was happening up there, with the child abuse issue, and those that could, and should, have prevented it, failed to act. It seems that the authorities in charge of so many public organisations are unfit for purpose these days, because this is now endemic in our society.
    NOBODY wants to challenge the blatant dishonesty, and corruption, in our country. And we are riddled with it, from the top, downwards.
    Another adjournment, after the previous ones were based upon promises that were never kept. Why won’t the judiciary stand up to these crooks, and tell them that they are a bunch of lying b*****ds, and tell them that they are in total contempt of the court?


    Giant Anteater
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    Well said Nailsworth. Its a complete farce, and Salisbury sounds as bad.
    There is definitely a culture in this country, and many others, where there is an unwillingness to challenge the established financial/commercial establishment. Organisations become weak by appointing people who follow the accepted political line, not who are good at the job. The present orthodoxy in football is that money is god, and people who say they have money count way above people who have ethics and care about football.
    The FA would not upset the Vincent Tan’s of this world, but some pensioner and his grandkids on the Meadow End can go hang.
    End of political statement from the Revolutionary Anteater Party. They say humans mellow with age, but Anteaters rage to the grave.

    I'm a football anteater

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