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    Jamie G gone and others are too.

    Lee stays but only until his notice period is up

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    It is just so difficult to put into words how I feel. The staff have worked so hard and been treated with contempt. I’ve been at a conference for work today. I cried on reading about Jamie at lunchtime. I found a quiet corner to compose myself. I cried on the train coming home when I read Marks article. Got some odd looks on the train. Just now I’ve read the players article and you can guess that the drips fell on the screen again.
    I consider myself very lucky to have got to know the staff and some of the players through helping out with text and with Andy doing photos from time to time.
    I wish them all the very best and thank them for their friendship, their dignity and their humour. I hope and pray that in a while we can sit round the table with pints of Butty Bach and talk of success with a phoenix club.
    In the meantime you all take care of yourselves, ladies and gents!


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    Thanks, Ruthie. I hope the day will come when we all have something to cheer about in the future. I have the utmost respect for all of our non playing staff, who have been treated so shabbily, that it beggars belief. I wish them all the very best in the future, and that they find happiness & success elsewhere.


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    It’s completely unbelievable to think there’s people out there that continue to lie and cheat and treat people with the level of contempt that Keyte and Co have shown there staff!!!
    I really really hope that the local council and MP can do something to stop them from going any further with their destructive plan!!!
    This is our club ‘the supporters’
    You couldn’t have asked for better staff to work at the club

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    I hope the ex-employees find jobs elsewhere and urge anyone who knows of suitable vacancies to get in touch with them.

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