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    Whatever happens in court in a couple of hours time the events of the past few months have split the support for Hereford United asunder. Of the fans who regularly attended matches last season about a third are still going to matches, a third are actively boycotting, and the remaining third are staying away for moral reasons and because the standard of football is way below that they are prepared to pay to watch.

    It’s going to be a long time before a team in Hereford regularly attracts crowds of more than 1,500. If the current mob stay in charge I can’t see many of the stay-aways and boycotters returning. If a new team is formed then after an initial surge of interest (as was seen with the fans matches) support will slowly drift away unless there is a rapid ascent up the leagues. Thank you David Keyte and your inept board.

    Who said Wales was a backward nation?

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