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    “Unless a new owner appears”
    What are the chances of that happening? I’ve seen the name of a certain venture capitalist and former online betting supremo who is a bulls fan mentioned on the other forum. Might he be our saviour? In the meantime I’ve bought a euro lottery ticket for tonight.

    Three months after I posted the above comment, this Rumour has resurfaced on BB forum. Is there any credence in this?

    Who said Wales was a backward nation?

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    The only rumour I ever heard was one businessman with a passion for HUFC wouldn’t put money in when Turner was around and also wouldn’t negotiate with him to buy the club when he sold out. There was personal beef. However, now he’s gone and Keyte is desperate to sell then he might resurface. It could be crap, though.

    The existence of organised groups like HUST and HUISA will aid matters as fans are more proactive and aware now.


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    There are, still, rumours bouncing around on BN. Whilst we should all take them with a large pinch of salt, the weekends events have improved our chances tremendously.
    Any potential investor would have watched proceedings carefully, and seen the passion that this Club can bring to any match………almost 800 travelling fans, HUST getting sufficient pledges to approach the board within 7 days of issuing the appeal? All good news, and encouragement.
    If the White Knight appears, I hope that it’s going to be a partnership deal of some sort, a large chunk of fans (HUST) money, and the rest from the investors. Together, we can make sure that past mistakes don’t recur, and that the Club can steadily grow again. Be nice to go nuts over a promotion again, wouldn’t it? 😉


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    All DK’s utterings suggest a property developer type buyer.

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