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    A poor display by the Bulls against lower graded opposition saw several players guilty of woeful finishing

    Horse 5 Not at his best with poor distribution on ocassion including kicking a free kick out of play as the Bulls sought to win the game late on.
    O’Shea 8 MOTM contender. Got forward well and had a couple of decent chances
    Green 7 Never troubled by the visiting defence but got involved in handbags when no need to.
    Deaman 7.5 Solid and got forward to be a threat from set pieces and passed it well in open play.
    Oates 7 Reliable as ever from Captain Oates.
    Haysham 6 Disappointing from Pabs. Could have been more involved and his playmaking skills needed to open up a resolute defence.
    Refell 6 Too lightweight when needed to win the ball. Talented when he has the ball at his feet. Forced to play out of position.
    Purdie 7 Moved the ball well as the Bulls were in control of the middle but too much sideways and not enough killer passes attempted
    Preen 8.5 MOTM . A constant thorn in the side of the visiting defence both with wide play and getting crosses in but also looked like the Bulls player most likely to score when he cut in.
    Symmo 6 Not able to get his own way against big strong CB’s in the visiting defence
    Mills 6 An off day for the hit man who must have fancied his chances of scoring coming into the game. But did not get involved enough considering the possession that the Bulls enjoyed. Skied his best chance.

    Smith 6 Huffed and puffed but little end product
    Page 7 Looked like a threat when he came on. Worth a start at Potters Bar?

    Referee 5 Some strange decisions and did not manage time wasting nor add time for it.

    Fans. 5 Disappointing in numbers and quiet first half but did try to lift the Bulls second half.

    Beads watch. Gambled on a lightweight midfield being good enough and it was to a degree but poor final balls a source of the Bulls problems in front of goal. Needs to find a LB and another midfielder ASAP. No senior defender on the bench.


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    I agree completely with your final points, but just for once will slightly disagree with some points. On reflection, I don’t think it was a poor display. A lot of the football was good, but lacked the quality in the final third, with too much recycling of possession, and too little drive forward. I would not have marked Preen so highly, as I felt he was as guilty as the rest of midfield, and achieved little although he looked bright.
    After scoring 9 between them in midweek, did Beadle miss a trick in not starting with Smith and Page?
    I probably should not say this, but I expect us to win the replay comfortably.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Completely agree re replay. Could see us winning by 3 or 4 if we get an early breakthrough and force them to open up.

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