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    Happy 28th birthday Luke. Thanks for your leadership and hard work this season. Good luck wherever you are next season.

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    Luke Graham, top bloke, top player, a credit to the club and to himself. He has done as much as anyone to keep the players together. I hope he gets to play for a really good club and has the success he deserves.

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    You may not have been the best player we ever had but after all the crap you’ve been unfairly forced to go through you are by far the best captain that any club could ever have,
    Thank you ‘Luke Graham’ for everything and have a fantastic HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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    Belated many happy returns, Luke. I feel we owe you a hell of a lot more than just our thanks. PB & SJ are going to get a lot of credit for the change of tactics, and the rebirth of the player’s self belief, but your part in all of this, through a bloody awful season, has been immense.
    Thanks a million, anyway, and may you enjoy success, happiness, and a less stressful environment, wherever you finish up next season.
    BTW, if you are going to FGR, much as I admire you, I won’t be coming through their gates to watch you………………that is, until the Bulls come visiting!


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    Top man.

    Done a lot to keep the squad together when they were not getting paid. Could have left in Jan apparently, and chose not to.

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