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    This match is now only a week away. In normal circumstances I would be pleased to attend the match but as things stand I will not be entering Edgar Street again in the foreseeable future unless TA and his cronies have a sudden Damascene conversion ( – link provided for any Agombarites).

    The city of Hereford has a proud association with her Majesty’s Forces and H4H is a charity that I know many Bulls followers want to support but like me do not, at the same time, want to help prop up the current regime at Edgar Street. Entry to the match is only £3 but note that it is only the profits from putting on the game that will be donated to the charity. If there is a mass boycott of the game then those profits will be small or non-existent.

    Some have suggested putting donations in buckets outside the ground but any money thus raised is likely to be added to the club’s total and be used by them to gain favour in any positive press releases.

    I urge fans that want to support this worthy cause, but also want to boycott the match, to keep clear of Edgar Street next Sunday and make a donation in the forthcoming week of a fiver, or whatever you can afford, to HUST ring fenced for Help for Heroes. A cheque can then be presented to a representative of the charity, perhaps before the match, with an explanation why so few Bulls went through the turnstiles.

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    Agree0 100%


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    re the Trust recommending that their members boycott.

    I will boycott anyway but would echo the calls for HUST on the other forum to tell us where they stand. Would be much more effective if they got something in the HT on this.

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