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    A late late show from the Bulls to overcome the Waders by the narrowest margin.
    The Bulls were forced to field a much changed line up due to injuries and for the first half they struggled to get their usual high tempo passing game going against determined opponents. The second half was better from the Bulls but helped by a 68th minute red card for a visiting forward who for reasons known only to himself planted an elbor into Captain Oates face. A red card was automatic.

    Horse 7 Little to do on the saves front but distribution was fine.
    Oates 9. MOTM Led by example and kept his side going to the final whistle.
    Bowen 7.5 a decent game and used his long throw to good effect.
    Green 9 MOTM contender. Never put a foot wrong and excellent use of the ball from the back, long and short.
    O’Shea 8.5 Created a solid partnership with Greener and used the ball well. Dangerous from set pieces.
    Richards 8 highest mark yet. Played the holding role to good effect and added to the creative side of the team by pushing on as the Bulls chased the 3 points.
    Bird 7 Huffed and puffed but final pass or shot needs to improve.
    Purdie 7 Solid game in his first start for a long time. Kept control in the middle and kept the side going.
    Reffell 6 I’m a fan but he was no where near his best yesterday losing the ball far too easily.
    Symmo 7 Not match fit and it showed. But never gave up and on another day might have got luckier in front of goal.
    Smith 6 Not his best day. starved of quality service he along with Symmo lived on scraps until the final 30 minutes.

    Preen 7 A lively cameo as he gave the Bulls width as well as coming inside to look for chances to deliver quality balls.

    Referee 6 OK, but was not on top of a plan by the visitors to deliberatly prevent the Bulls from getting momentum by time wasting and cynically using fake injuries.

    Fans 8 Ok numbers on a day when the England V Wales rugby clashed with the end of the game. Slow start but as it became apparent that the Bulls were struggling to get the upper hand they increased volume to the point that the visitors manager made a point of mentionming the home support in his post match interview.

    Beads watch. Forced to shuffle the side after more injury problems. But he will not have been happy with the first 60 minutes performance and will know his side have to make stronger starts than the last few games.

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