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I am beginning to wonder if Tommy is “a football man” who has been done over by Keyte and whoever was going to bankroll him. Andrew Green’s comments the other day about him ignoring his advice and the fact that the investors he was talking about haven’t materialised (perhaps this wasn’t one of his lies?) could indicate this. Is he a patsy who has been left holding the baby with no idea what to do as he was relying on others, who have now abandoned him, to sort out the business side of things? Just a thought. Whatever the truth if the matter it must surely be only be a matter of time before Hereford United 1939 is no more. The next revealing episode will be if Ellis, Lonsdale and co. put in inflated claims for their time and advice in connection with the CVA. There’s a lot more to come out if the woodwork yet. I’m still wondering what role the directors from Leigh are going to play.

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