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London Bull
London Bull
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Is he confident enough to get his hands on the leases and the money they’re worth before the winding up orders to HMRC, Foyle and others have mounted up? Hopefully the Council will be slow in handing them over (if they do at all) and he’ll have to cut his losses and leave. I’m disappointed today’s winding up order was halted and can’t believe HMRC got it wrong! How many must they have issued over the years?

Watching the two videos was awful also. It was like Rogue Traders or Watchdog. The one comment about Herefordshire and the East End of London is rubbish. I’ve lived in both and you don’t always know your neighbours in London. He’s never lived in Herefordshire so he can’t make a judgement. Everyone in London comes and goes whilst Herefordians don’t. The pace of life is easier and there’s less change. Ridiculous comparison from him.

Either way, his disgusting confrontational style has already told me everything I need to know. I won’t be putting a penny in to that club until he’s left; and it’s then in the hands of people who care. What will tomorrow bring?!