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Sensibull why do you think that a reborn club would have no financial backing? Jon Hales group of local businessmen together with an ever growing Supporters Trust (with financial pledges) have, I believe, more than enough capital to start things off in the event of the demise of the current club. There are some very well-heeled Hereford supporters who would back a new club not to mention local companies who I am sure would provide sponsorship.
I personally have no problem with the “dodgy” past of the current majority shareholder (although it seems that potential investors/sponsors have). Had he paid the football creditors at the start, not got the club demoted, been more open and had not prematurely tried to get the leases transferred, then he would have my and a lot of other fans backing. But he did not, and added to the opposition towards him by telling untruths and surrounding himself with “advisors” who through the Bulls Banter forum insulted and belittled those fans opposing the new regime at Edgar Street.
If Mr Agombar doesn’t care whether the stay-away fans return then more fool him. I don’t really care if Hereford United (1939) Ltd ceases to exist as, in its current form, I no longer think of it as my club.

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Who said Wales was a backward nation?