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I must say I enjoyed last night 😛
met a few friends and went in the same car to Kiddy, when we got there we all felt a bit weird going to watch a game that doesn’t involve Hereford United but we treated it like it was though and just walked into the Harriers Bar, me wearing a ‘give us our club back’ t-shirt and another wearing a black & white scarf.
We had a few stairs off a few harriers fans (Obviously the message didn’t get through to a few of them about why we were there) hearing the odd whisper “WTF are Hereford fans here?” being said but most of them were friendly and even noticed a couple of other Bulls fans having a right laugh with a few, it did feel a bit weird though.
Don’t need to say anything about the atmosphere inside has everybody knows
have to say though that a couple of us had a few words with that television presenter and asked him what was said with Agombar but all we got was “nothing much”.
The night night got even weirder after the game when we were walking out to see Kiddy fans clapping us and shaking our hands?
The night was just completly ‘surreal’ but really enjoyable!!!
and the footy match wasn’t bad ether 🙂

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