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I agree, LB, a new club seems an exciting prospect and I’m sick of the lies and deceit in which HUFC1939 is immersed. Time to put it to sleep peacefully and leave us with our memories. Can’t see why the council cannot simply evict them from Edgar Street for non-payment of rent, rates, etc., they do it for house tenancies. Thanks again, Jon, for the update but may I ask why no mention is made of involvement in your plan by HUISA? Have they declined to participate or have you seen fit to exclude them and, if so, why? As a member of both HUST and HUISA, I fail to understand why they don’t amalgamate for the greater cause. After all, we’re all in this together, aren’t we?

I too don’t really want to finish Hereford United 1939 ‘but’ in reality it’s over, done for Finished!!! And I’m now backing Jon all the way (and bringing the good times back hopefully)
Has for your second point I think you’ll find that HUISA will be ‘no more’ (has it is now anyway) because it’s ‘rules’ don’t allow it to move to another club (which legally it will be)

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