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Having attended the meeting last night I was disappointed with the low turnout which, to me, simply emphasised that HUISA was at the end of its useful life. OK, it’s a main holiday period, many probably live outside of Hereford and some would be working or have other commitments but 30 out of 187 members is a pretty poor show. Nonetheless, within that small group I was surprised to discover the difference of opinion regarding the current situation, some distinct animosity towards the Trust, opposition to the boycott and determination to support the new regime (or at least the existing HUFC in whatever form) regardless of general opinion. In fairness, it was unanimously agreed that everyone was free to make their own choice and, apart from a little heated repartee between certain members, it remained mainly amicable.<br>
Sad…of course, considering the immense input HUISA have had over the years, with arranging away travel, donations to the club for provision of equipment etc; and the hugely successful 50/50 tickets. There’s no doubt that Dave & Nicki White and, contrary to the opinion of some, Keith Dodd, have been major stalwarts of HUFC, not forgetting the other committee members who have devoted their valuable time to the club. Unfortunately the misfortunes that have now befallen our club have cast a dark shadow over this once revered organisation, leading to abuse and condemnation and it’s inevitable demise.<br>
However, all is not lost, as I believe a genuine invitation to unite with the Trust was extended, although not immediately accepted, I see no reason why similar activities as performed by HUISA cannot be continued by the Trust. As I recall, a main aim of the Trust was to act as fund raisers and acquisition of HUISA shares, should the members vote accordingly and the shares in fact prove to be legal, would serve to strengthen the organisation and enable it to increase it’s activities in this direction.

The solution is the Jon Hales/HUST phoenix initative surely?