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<div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>bullyforyou wrote:</div>
Keyte is a weasel,<br>
I hope now Keyte walks, make that ‘RUN’also the so called business partner from London<br><br>
I will not step inside the ground and that includes Addisons and the starlite rooms until BOTH have gone.<br><br>
Keyte has destroyed this club<br><br>
Another thing that’s surprised me is the silence from the so called directors that we all believed supported this club ie Addison etc..<br><br>
I am totally totally angry over this

I disagree there, bullyforyou. I don’t want Keyte to simply walk (or run) away into obscurity. I want to see him face an investigation, police if necessary, to answer the many questions regarding missing funds. If he hasn’t paid HMRC, VAT, players, staff, council, ground maintenance, phone, club loanees, utilities, suppliers, breweries, etc, etc, etc., then where the bloody hell has the money gone? This guy has a lot of explaining to do!!

If he has committed crimes then I too want to see him face justice. There was a query on the other forum that he has taken Community Trust money (from a charity?) to use in HUFC which is a private company and this might be illegal.