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With everything that’s been going on i’m starting to think how long has this suppose ‘new owner’ been lurking in the background?
We know now that Keyte has been LYING continously for years ‘in fact’ bells shouldve been ringing for me when Keyte first showed his face at his first fans forum when he said about the blackfriers end and said “what about a 3 thousand capacity stand”.
We’ve known for at least a couple of years now that what Keyte says And what Keyte does can be different,and we know now it’s was mainly ‘BULLSH*T’ and we’ve only got what Keyte has said (which isn’t much) about the deal between him and Agombar.
Agombar has said that he will arrange a forum has soon as but he’s starting to turn out the same has Keyte ‘saying one thing but doing the other’.
Which brings me on to the final thing, what have they got planned? They must have something planned, nobody goes through all this and purposely relegate (yes I truly believe that it was done purposely) and take a club to the brink of extinction!!!

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