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I’m afraid that, if things are as they are rumoured to be, I may have been to ES for the last time.<br>
I’m coming up towards my 71st in October, and, as I’ve said before, I’ve been coming to the Street since the 1950s, and been proud to do so. I’ve always been quick, and very proud, to nail my HUFC colours to the mast, when it comes to discussions about football, but no more. Like so many others, I have been shamed, and embarrassed, by the way that my once beloved club has treated it’s employees, the local traders, it’s players, and us, the supporters. Thge way that HUFC (1939) has finished up is shaming, to all of us. Right now, I would rather see this sick, and tainted, version of our once great little ckub be allowed to die. At least then, we can be allowed to rebuild a side, within the city of Hereford, that belongs to the local support, that starts with a clean sheet, and without the appalling history that DeCay has tagged on to this Club over the past 4 disastrous years.<br>
Never, ever, thought I would ever say this, but, honestly, I’ve stopped caring about what is about to happen. Because of all this secrecy, I know there is something going on that DeCay wants to hide from us, and, realistically, it ain’t gonna be good news. I fear that,even if there is a short term fix, our long term future is so tainted, that it will not be a long one.

So sad to hear this. But I do understand why your and others patience has been tried.