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The old adage don’t throw good money after bad holds true here. Just imagine what the funds raised by fans in the past couple of seasons to pay the taxman could have been used for had the majority of supporters not been fixated on keeping the 1939 company alive. Apart from anything else the liquidation of the existing company would enable the liquidator to pursue the former directors for wrongful/insolvent trading if he found evidence of such (which I think he would).

If the reformed club pledged to compensate existing creditors (with the exception of Keyte, Agombar all former directors responsible for the mess in the first place) then it would restore the good name of Hereford United. Funds could be raised by public appeal, fund-raising legends matches arranged, discounted/free pitch-side/programme advertising offered, complimentary tickets donated etc.

Reluctantly withdraw the life support machine from the old club and rejoice in the birth of a new (partly?) fan owned club.

Who said Wales was a backward nation?