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London Bull
London Bull
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I think if there was any opportunity to try and avoid relegation then it had to be seized. Surviving and then calling the Administrators in to start the next Conference season on -10 would’ve avoided the shock a relegation can cause. 1997 and 2012 still hurt significantly and now we’re looking to add 2014 to that list. We were playing Leeds and Leicester at home in recent history.

It’s being forced to watch this slow and steady decline that hurts the most. The end result is a likely relegation to Conference North at best and maybe even no club to support at all. We don’t truly know the extent of the situation and, until we do, we watch on with blind optimism.

If we’re not down tomorrow then Aldershot away on Saturday could be very ugly. There’s loads of Bull on Bull abuse on the other forum and I’ve heard reports about Tamworth too. This situation is bringing out the worst in many.