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The only way forward for any true Hereford United fans seems to be the formation of a Phoenix club. Even in the unlikely event of Hereford United (1939) limited being allowed to stay in the Conference, the brand is now so tainted that anyone with any moral sense should boycott matches and do anything within their power to frustrate the existing chairman/owners profiting from the development of the ground.

With regard to David Keyte I’m still not convinced he planned this from the start. Personally I think he started off with good intentions but when he realised it was going to cost a lot more than he planned to keep the club solvent he changed tack and let events take their course whilst protecting and trying to recoup some of the money he ploughed into the club. I do not believe the man is a fool but do think is is very proud and arrogant. Although professing to be thick-skinned he was obviously stung by comments on Bulls Banter and turned against fans and the wider fan-base who, because of falling attendances, he thought was responsible for his losses. His half-hearted acknowledgement from Barbados of the efforts to raise funds to pay the taxman showed him in his true light. He has let the fans and the wider football community down big time but does he care….not a jot. He always intended to gain from the ground’s development which was the main reason why he bought the club. That hasn’t changed, it’s just the circumstances under which he achieves that aim that have to the detriment of the fans. Time to move on.

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