Help and FAQs

Whether this is your first visit or you are an existing member of The Meadow End, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of the forums…

How do I join the forum?

Joining The Meadow End is free and easy. Simply click on the register link here or on the right hand side of the page. Choose your username which will be your forum name and will appear next to all of your posts. Then enter your email address. You will be sent a randomly-generated password which you can use to login. Once logged in you will need to change your password.

How do I change my password?

Once successfully logged in with your original password, you should change it to something more memorable. Click on your forum name in the “Your Account” box and then click the Edit link on the left hand side. Scroll down until you see the password form fields. Choose a secure password and enter it again to confirm, and then click Save down at the bottom of the page.

I haven't received the email with my account password

Sometimes it can take up to an hour for the email to arrive, and sometimes the email gets put into the Junk Mail or Spam folder – so please check those folders first if it is not in your Inbox. If you don’t have the email, please contact us directly and one of the administrators will send you a password directly.

The forum seems a little bare. Is this it?

Definitely not, we are just getting started. We wanted to get the new ad-free version up and running as soon as possible. We host this forum ourselves on a private server so we have full control over everything.

We already have loads of ideas to improve the look, feel and functionality of the forum, these will happen in the coming days and weeks…. so watch this space. Ideas and feedback are always welcome.

How do I create an avatar?

The avatar is the little picture that appears next to all of your posts. To add or change the image, log in and then click on your username on the right hand sidebar. Then click the “Edit” link on the left hand side of the next page.

Next, scroll down until you reach the Avatar section. Click Browse to find the image or photo you want to use on your computer, then click OK/Select/Insert (depending on your computer). Now all you need to do now is scroll right down to the bottom of the page and click Update Profile.